Iveco Powerstar 7200

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  • Model: Powerstar 7200
    Engine: Cummins 15-Litre 6 cylinder ISX (ADR 80/03)
    Transmission: Eaton Roadranger RTLO-20918B 18-speed overdrive
    Front axle: IVECO 5876
    Rear axle: Meritor RT46-160GP
    GVM: 24.5 tonnes
    GCM: 120.0 tonnes*
    • Chassis mass front 5.0 tonnesˆ
    • Chassis mass rear 3.9 tonnesˆ
    • Chassis mass total 8.9 tonnesˆ
    ˆChassis with oil and coolant, but no fuel, spare wheel or tyre.
    All weights calculated on ADN cab with 4.5m wheelbase
    *Subject to application approval
  • Model: Cummins 15-Litre 6 cylinder ISX (ADR 80/03)
    Type: Dry-element air cleaner. Single, gantry mounted Diesel Par ticulate Filter (DPF) on LHS.
    Optional: Horizontal DPF and tailpipe
    525hp/392kW & 1850lb ft/2500Nm
    Engine Ratings 550hp/410kW & 1850lb ft/2500Nm
    Displacement: 14.9 litres
    Max Power: 485hp/362kW @ 2000rpm
    Max Torque: 1850lb ft/2500Nm @ 1400rpm
    Emission Technology: Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • Model: Eaton Roadranger RTLO-20918B 18-speed overdrive
    Optional: IVECO EuroTronic II 16AS2630 TO automated 16 speed overdrive
    • Two-pedal operation with automatic or manual shift control
  • Model: IVECO 5876
    Type: Forged steel I-beam
    Capacity: 7.5 tonnes
    6.5 tonnes
    Optional: Meritor FG943 with drum brakes
  • Model: Meritor RT46-160GP
    Capacity: 20.9 tonnes
    22.7 tonnes
    Drive Ratio (manual & auto): 3.58, 3.73, 4.10 (with Eurotronic Transmission)
    • 4.10, 4.30, 4.56 (with Eaton Roadranger Transmission)
    • Driver controlled differential locks
    Optional: Meritor RT50-160GP
  • Type: Three-leaf parabolic springs Double acting telescopic shock absorbers
    Spring Capacity: 6.5 tonnes
  • Type: Hendrickson Primaax PAX 462
    Capacity: 20.0 tonnes
  • Type: 2-circuit air system
    Front: 432mm Knorr disc brakes
    Rear: Meritor S-Cam 419mm diameter x 178mm drum brakes with automatic slack adjusters
    • 100-litre aluminium air reservoirs
    • Dessicant type air dryer/pressure regulator
    • Wabco E 4-channel ABS/EBL with ASR Trailer ABS facility
    Optional: Knorr SN7 disc brakes on rear axles
  • Type: Sheppard M110 power-assisted with gear-driven pump
    • 460mm diameter adjustable steering wheel with pneumatic floor release switch
  • Capacity: 2 x 450 litre aluminium round tanks = 900 litres
    Optional: Wide range of square, round and split tank options available
  • Type: 257x89x8mm parallel-section high-tensile steel channel
    • Tapered rear of frame with fifth wheel angles
    • Polished alloy bumper with fog and driving lights, covers & FUPS
    Optional: Polished aluminium bullbar with fog and driving lights, covers & FUPS.
    • Square end of frame with trailer connections to ROF, deckplate
  • Type: 24-Volt
    • Multiplex computerised CANBUS integrated wiring and systems control network with centralised colour display, controls and diagnostics
    Batteries: 4 x 560 amps
    Alternator: 24V, 90 amps
  • Cabin Exterior:
    IVECO Active Day 2280mm wide, 3165mm BBC all steel, conventional control day cab with low roof
    • IVECO Active Time 2280mm wide, 3605mm BBC all steel, conventional control sleeper cab with low or medium roof
    • Four-point cab mounting system with air suspension and dampers at rear
    Cabin Interior:
    • Fully adjustable ISRI self levelling air suspension driver’s seat with headrest, adjustable damper and integrated lap-sash retractor seat belt.
    • Fixed ISRI passenger seat with lap sash retractor seat belt. 90° opening doors with electrically operated window and low-level visibility forward window
    • Storage locker in overhead console and compartments on left hand door and rear wall of cab
    Optional: ISRI self levelling air suspension passenger seat with headrest, adjustable shock absorber and integrated lap-sash retractor seat belt
    • Leather air suspended driver and passenger seat
    Spicer 1810 Series main driveline with Spicer 1710 Series interaxle
    Optional: SPL 250 driveline
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Iveco Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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