Higer H9250

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  • Model: H9250 9.3m
    Rated capacity (seats): 41 + 1
    Engine: Cummins 6 cylinder turbocharged
    Transmission: Allison T280R 6-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic retarder and electronic push button gear selector
    Front axle: Independant front suspension
    Rear axle: Fully floating axles, hypoid differential
    Feature: The list of standard features for the H9250 Midi Boss may surprise you - it''s a midsize bus with a supersized range of features.
    Start with seatbelts and air conditioning for passenger comfort and safety, then add traction control, cruise control and airbag suspension for a great ride.
    On top of this, the H9250 Midi Boss offers independent front suspension, Wabco electronic brake system, disc brakes and a CD sound system with microphone making it the ideal vehicle for tour operations
  • Parts, Service and Warranty:
    A competitive purchase price is one thing, but operators also need to consider reliability, back-up and operating costs over the life of their vehicle.
    This is where Higer’s commitment to parts and service makes the difference. Investment in an extensive Australia-wide dealer and service network gives every Higer customer access to outstanding customer support, so if a vehicle does need work, downtime is minimised.
    Combine this with locally supported componentry and a 2 year 200,000km warranty (2 year extended warranty also available) and it’s easy to see why more people are getting on board with Higer.
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Higer Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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